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Personal Products

C-Prot Antivirus

Protect your home devices with ultimate protection technology.

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C-Prot Internet Security

Provide your security with superior antivirus protection technologies as well as internet, email security and helpful tools.

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Mobile Devices

C-Prot Antivirus Security

Protect your mobile phones and tablets with superior antivirus protection technology.

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C-Prot AppLocker

Lock app to review your private data, encrypt your gallery to hide sensitive photos and videos, and prevent important data from being deleted from Android tablets and phones.

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C-Prot Battery Saver

C-Prot Battery Saver is a battery saving application that helps increase the battery life of your Android devices.

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C-Prot Android Smart TV Security

C-Prot Smart TV Security protects your smart TVs against threats such as trojans, spyware and viruses.

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C-Prot File Integrity Monitoring

File integrity monitoring is an internal control used to verify the integrity of operating system and application software files.

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